5 Cafes for Working in Chicago

You may need to work remotely, catch up on emails or get banned from your coworking space because you stole the hot sauce in the kitchen. Sometimes you just need a place where you can do some work and break your daily habit. You need one with WiFi and outlets.

Good Ambler, a West Loop bakery and cafe that caters to a variety of needs, is the perfect choice. The space is large and open seven days per week. You can either come alone or take a seat at one the tables and work in a space that isn’t your home. You can also choose to sit down with your friends on one of the couches. You can be sure to have great WiFi and an outlet. They also offer delicious pastries and macarons.

Although it's not the most popular spot on the list, Vietfive West Loop is one our favorite spots to spend a few hours with our laptops. The small Vietnamese coffee shop has friendly baristas, a lively hip-hop playlist, and is bright and airy. There is a comfy couch to relax on, as well as five tables that can hold your laptop, snacks, drinks and even your soon-to-be realized dreams of being a published author. The coffee is made from beans from Vietnam and mixed with almond, coconut, and condensed milk. You can also enjoy delicious vegan soft serve, banh mi pate so and banh mi empanadas.

The casual Croatian cafe is our favorite spot to work in River North. Doma has a quiet atmosphere, strong WiFi, a charming side patio and a Scandinavian-inspired furniture store aesthetic. The vintage chairs are also available for purchase. It's not just because of the excellent food. The restaurant is open for lunch and breakfast, and offers delicious dishes such as a must-order cevapi, which comes wrapped in a fluffy flatbread with cream and a roasted bell pepper spread. These dishes will distract you from the reports you are supposed to be writing on your laptop.

Hexe is a large coffee shop with industrial vibes that's located in Roscoe Village. Hexe does everything well. In addition to great coffee and plenty of space for work, Hexe has excellent pastries, friendly staff and a wonderful patio. They also serve alcohol. You can come to work in the morning, and then go back for drinks with friends at night. You might as well just sleep here, honestly.

Café 53 on Hyde Park is a familiar place if you have ever been to a coffee shop located on college campuses. We get the impression that everyone here constantly quotes Nietzsche, ruining family get-togethers. The interior feels comfortable and lived in, and there are plenty of tables for you to get some work done - as long as you avoid getting into any productivity-derailing debates about the existence of God.